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Rehabs in Will

Rehabs in Will

Will County is situated in the northeastern part of the US State of Illinois. According to the 2020 US Census, the population was 696,355. It also makes the region the fourth-most populous in the state. Hence, being so widely populated, the region is suffering from the substance abuse epidemic effects.

This region faced a lot of damage caused by alcohol and drug abuse. Firstly, there is a serious issue connected to opioid overdoses. According to the County Health Rankings Report, between 2015 and 2017, the rate of drug-related deadly overdoses was 384 per 100,000 population.

Secondly, the issue of alcohol-impaired driving has dangerous effects. From 2013-to 2017, over 36% of driving deaths (96 deaths) were alcohol-involved. Moreover, 21% of the adults are binge or heavy (5 or more times during a month) alcohol users.

These numbers talk about the necessity to support residents fight dependency, along with various treatment programs. The leading organizations that want to get drugs off the roads of Will County are:

  • Drug Court: the main purpose is to help the addicts to overcome dependency and live a better life.
  • Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition: educates young people on how to live without substance use and make healthy lifestyle decisions.
    - Safe Passage Network: supports those who are suffering from opioid dependence.
    For the person who is looking to overcome dependency, drug, and alcohol rehab in Will County, Illinois is a great choice. Moreover, highly trained specialists and individual healing plans can fulfill the needs of each patient.

Read the article to know more about these recovery centers and get the support that you are looking for.

Available Treatment Options

Recovering from the addiction is a long-lasting and difficult process. One can overcome dependence through professional support, hard work, and proper treatment. Rehabs in Will County, IL offer safe and effective recovery plans. Besides they have all the necessary tools to help the addicts to start a new, substance-free life.

There are various addiction treatment programs available in this region. The person may attend outpatient and inpatient programs, get safe detox sessions, participate in aftercare meetings, and so on.

Substance Abuse Evaluation

To narrow down the search for the proper drug hub, one should pass the assessment. The latter is the cornerstone of the recovery process. It determines the existence of the addiction, its type, and its extent. Through screening and special tests, it is possible to find optimum rehab solutions.


Detox is the second step toward recovery. To clarify, the main part of the addicts can’t go through the withdrawal procedure alone. Medical supervision is vital, as some substances cause painful and even deadly withdrawal symptoms.


Outpatient drug and alcohol centers are accessible throughout the state of Illinois. Over 200 centers are operating within the state. Generally, during the day, people spend less than 24 hours in the clinic. This allows them to hold down a job, education, or family life. This program is for those who have a new or mild level of addiction.


Severe types of addiction can receive treatment at an inpatient or residential rehab. The latter is a well-rounded therapy that also involves detox, counseling, and aftercare support. Besides, this therapy offers a safe environment and around-the-clock medical supervision. Patients stay at the facility until the end of the recovery.


The type of rehab determines its cost. However, in the state of Illinois, there are low-cost, free, or state-funded rehabs. Besides, some centers accept some type of health insurance. The insurance agencies provide full or partial coverage.
For example, the cost of law-cost outpatient rehab in Will County, IL is between $0 and $800. The cost of inpatient rehab is higher as they offer several costly services.

Addiction Treatment Centers Near Me

  • Elite House of Sober Living Inc Elite Treatment Center
    395 West Lincoln Highway
    Chicago Heights, IL - 60411
    (708) 755-5117

  • Advanced Counseling Evaluation Treatment and DUI Services
    705 East Lincoln Street
    Normal, IL - 61761
    (309) 808-1017

  • Advocate Healthcare Clean Start
    938 West Nelson Street
    Chicago, IL - 60657
    (773) 296-3220

  • Living Trees Center Inc
    3801 West 63rd Street
    Chicago, IL - 60629
    (773) 294-3788

  • Behavioral Healthcare Associates Ltd Substance Abuse Services
    1375 East Schaumburg Road
    Schaumburg, IL - 60194
    (847) 895-4540

  • Kirby Rehabilitation
    723 West 111th Street
    Chicago, IL - 60628

  • (773) 614-4002

  • Avance Inc
    4765 North Lincoln Avenue
    Chicago, IL - 60625
    (773) 293-1770

  • Centerstone of Illinois
    2311 South Illinois Avenue
    Carbondale, IL - 62903
    (618) 457-6703

  • Jasper County Health Department
    106 East Edwards Street
    Newton, IL - 62448
    (618) 783-4154

  • Family Guidance Centers
    2400 Glenwood Avenue
    Joliet, IL - 60435
    (815) 730-7521