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Rehabs in DuPage

Rehabs in DuPage

DuPage County is located in Illinois. With a population of 932,877, it is the second-most populous country in the state. With such a large population, the county also has a significant prevalence of drug abuse. Many of these addictions lead to serious consequences and even death. However, it is possible to prevent these consequences if people ask for help in time.


If you are struggling with substance dependency, you should get an evaluation first. It has two parts to it. First of all, you need to go through a screening. This is a simple process that aims to identify the existence of a problem. Due to its simplicity, you may do it yourself.

Secondly, you should have an assessment. This is a more in-depth process. It includes screenings, tests, questionnaires, and so on. Thus, the psychologists and counselors working with you conduct the assessment. If they find it necessary, they will refer you to a medical professional for additional testing. Its purpose is to find out about any additional illnesses you have. The assessment tries to identify the nature and the specifics of your addiction.

Afterward, the professionals working with you will develop a suitable treatment plan for your case.

Choosing the right rehab

When it comes to the type of center you attend, it largely depends on your evaluation results. As each case is different and requires a unique approach, there are many types of facilities to accommodate those various needs.

However, there are two main types of programs to choose from.

The inpatient facilities require their patients to stay in the hospital during the treatment period. They have professional staff standing by 24/7 to meet all your needs. Thus, these choices are better for those with severe dependency as they offer very intensive care. They also enable you to be away from your regular environment and triggers.

Outpatient ones do not require you to stay. Here, you come in for a few hours a day to get your treatment. This is a better option for those with mild addictions. You will also be able to tend to your everyday dealings while getting better.

There are also other programs that are a mix of these two.

You can find packages specifically designed for a specific age, racial, gender, and religious groups.

Regardless of the option you choose, some components are essential. These are:

  • Detoxification
  • Therapies
  • Maintaining sobriety
  • Aftercare planning


Some places offer unique services. There are luxury rehabs. They usually have a very holistic approach to their patients. They are located in remote areas and surrounded by nature and are ideal for recovery. However, they are also more expensive than usual places.


There are several ways to pay for your recovery. Most private insurances cover the fee either fully or partially. You may pay directly to the facility as well.

With regular ones, you should be able to cover your expenses. It is not the case with luxury places which only a small number of people can afford. For those who do not have the means to pay, the state health department has specific programs designed for them.

For teens

Teenagers are the most vulnerable group when it comes to substance abuse. This is why it is very important to give special attention to them. DuPage has a coalition working on substance dependency prevention who are at risk or already are abusing alcohol and drugs. There are also many centers that specialize in helping the youth of this age group.

Centers near me

  • SunCloud Health
    280 Shuman Blvd Ste 190 Naperville, IL 60563
    (844) 389-8146
  • Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center
    40 Timberline Dr. Lemont, IL 60439
    (855) 995-4797