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Rehabs in McDonough

Rehabs in McDonough

McDonough is a province in the State of Illinois. The population is nearly 32,600. The seat is in Macomb city.

The province is a quiet and attractive place far away from the major bus route. Yet, McDonough has some issues, too. One of them is related to drug and alcohol addiction. Overall, substance misuse and overdose cases are widespread in the whole state. That is why the provincial authorities tend to present a high-quality treatment plan for those who need help to get rid of dependence. So, this article will discuss the topic of rehab in McDonough County.

Treatment Options

Dependence is a chronic disorder accompanied by mental and behavioral health issues. Deciding to get rid of addiction is a big step to recovery. Yet, before submitting for a certain treatment option, it is important to take into account the condition of the patient, financial affordability, etc. Additionally, there are various steps to take during the curing process.


Evaluation is a starting point for treating addiction. This states the patient’s condition. As a result, a one or one and half hours test may decide the client’s dependence level and duration, the number of substances used, and co-occurring diseases, as well.


Based on the assessment results, the applicants are suggested to pass detox. This is a process of withdrawing harmful toxins from the organism.

The therapy may cause various side effects. That is why it is highly recommended to receive a detox procedure in a hospital. Here the professional staff controls the process.

Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab

After revealing the applicant’s personal curing plan based on the health condition, he or she can choose either inpatient (IP) or outpatient (OP) services.


If the patient happens to choose an inpatient option, then he or she should consider a 24/7 stay in a clinic. Here the clients receive professional care provided by the center’s doctors, psychologists, consultants, peers, etc. The therapies are passed in groups or individually.

The meetings are also designed for the whole family. This is a great opportunity to rebuild the damaged family relationship. Besides, family support is very important for successful rehabilitation.

The residential program also contains an aftercare plan. Some people enter OP clinics for the follow-up process.


In the case of outpatient clinics, the clients are not supposed to stay in a facility. They can visit the hospital at any time suitable for them. This schedule is convenient for those who have regular jobs or studies.

There are different therapies in groups or individually. Yet, this type of rehabilitation demands a high level of effort. This is because the participants are not protected from outer triggers.

In McDonough County, one can receive intensive OP services in North Central Behavioral Health Systems. The contact number of the center is (309) 833-2191.

Financial Aid for Rehabs in McDonough County

Even though many people will benefit from professional care for substance abuse issues, the costs may seem high to afford. That is why payment aid for rehabilitation is something very important.

Some types of insurance can cover treatment costs partially or totally. Here are the qualifying ones:

  • Military assurance (Tricare, Tricare Plus, Tricare Prime)

  • Private Health assurance (Aetna, Humana, Cigna, Anthem, etc.)

  • Medicaid/ Medicare

For those who do not use any insurance plan, it is better to benefit from sliding scale pricing. It is a type of payment that is mainly based on the applicant’s income.

Other options are grants and scholarships for qualified participants. In addition, healthcare loans are available.

Currently, fundraising is also actual. It enables the individuals to use the donated funds starting from the first donations.

So, it is normal to need help to pay for a rehab center. Luckily, there are different ways to get payment assistance for starting a new journey to recovery.