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Rehabs in Coles

Rehabs in Coles

Coles County is located in Illinois State, and it was named after the second governor of the state Edward Coles. The seat is Charleston. It is famous for its public and performing arts venues and Eastern Illinois University.

The county has a total area of 510 square miles (1,300 km2). The main cities are Charleston, Mattoon, and Oakland.

Substance use is a concern in the county. It causes different health problems and even deaths.

In this article, there are answers to many questions about finding a rehab in Coles County.

Assessment and Detox

Drug and alcohol evaluation or assessment is the first part of the treatment. It is the process of discovering the existence of substance abuse and assessing the addiction level and substance percentage in the body.

The evaluation determines what kind of care the patient needs. It takes generally 60-90 minutes. Many questionnaires help to observe previous substance use patterns, mental and physical health, and medical, family, and personal history.

The next step is detox. This procedure is for substance withdrawal. In some cases, it is completed by using the medicine. The detox type as a rehab program can differ for every individual. In Coles County, this procedure is available in

  • Central East Alcohol and Drug Council.

(1501 1/2 18th Street, Charleston)

  • Central East Alcohol and Drug Council

(720 4th Street, Charleston), etc.

Rehab Types

There are mainly two types of rehab. Each of them is suitable and advisable for a patient with various needs and preferences.

Outpatient Rehab

Starting a treatment does not mean that the person has to give up his/her everyday life. It is possible to continue the daily routine with an outpatient program. The patient needs to visit the facility only for 10-12 hours a week.

The plan’s duration ranges between three-12 months. The detox and other procedures are included in the plan.

These facilities in Coles County will provide outpatient services:

  • Central East Alcohol and Drug Council

1501 1/2 18th Street, Charleston, IL 61920

  • Walter DUI and Counseling Services

1550 Douglas Drive, Charleston, IL 61920

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient or residential cure represents 24/7 supervision by medical personnel in a facility. Professionals guide through the whole process.

It includes all the procedures in one place. The convenient and friendly atmosphere makes the process more effective. The plan involves group or personal therapies, activities, detox, etc. The program lasts 28-90 days and is advisable for patients with severe addiction levels.

In Coles County, inpatient drug rehabs are also gender-specific to help the clients to focus on treatment.

Facilities provide counselors to guide the patient in preparing a plan to stay sober.

Central East Alcohol and Drug Council is an inpatient facility. It offers several treatment methods and approaches to its clients.

Aftercare and Relapse

After the medical course is completed and all the toxins have been withdrawn, one of the biggest threats is relapse. Having a sober plan is very important. The aftercare program's purpose is to help the patient cope with non-substance life’s difficulties such as triggers, stress, cravings, etc.

It lasts from weeks to even years and includes various therapies, meetings, and more. The process involves former participants as well.

Luxury Rehabs

If the client wants luxury treatment, Coles County can offer a few. They provide their clients with luxurious amenities and services, such as supervised detox.

ABBCON Counseling is one of the luxury centers that provides upscale services.

Payment Options

There are many ways to cover the rehab fees. For example, Medicaid and Medicare, private health insurance, payment assistance, and military insurance. It is recommended to check whether a particular facility accepts one of these payment methods.