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Rehabs in Jefferson

Rehabs in Jefferson

Jefferson is a county in the US state of Illinois. According to the 2020 census, it had a population of about 37,100 people.

No matter the few residents, the county has a high level of addiction. The rate of substance and alcohol use is higher than the national average here.

For this matter, the government tries to reduce the risk of more people becoming addicted. That is why they established rehabs in Jefferson County, Illinois. These facilities help residents give up their dependencies and return to a usual lifestyle.

In this article, we will talk about addiction and substance abuse rates in detail. After that, we will discuss the privileges of recovery centers.

Statistics of Substance Abuse

First, let us present the picture of substance abuse statistics in Illinois State. The latest reports show that the addiction level has increased from 2013 to 2020. In 2020, there were 2,944 opioid overdose deaths in the state. This data is according to the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). By comparison, this rate is 32,7% more than it was in 2019.

The situation is the same in Jefferson County. As of the IDPH findings, the opioid fatality rate per 100,000 residents was 23,8 in 2020 alone. The Jefferson County Administrator reported that the opioid crisis had affected the region's services in numerous ways.

In general, the government is trying to increase education about addiction. This way, the stigma related to addiction and treatment will also decrease.

Drug and Alcohol Misuse Evaluation

Every treatment should start with an evaluation. Only after going for a complete assessment, the patient will gain information on his or her dependency level. This step will also help the counselor to realize the patient’s condition well. After this, the specialist may provide the right therapy for the client.

There are several recovery facilities that provide an assessment. One of them is the Jefferson Co Comp Services Inc (Vantage Point) in Mount Vernon. It is a leading detox, inpatient drug, and alcohol rehab center. The experienced specialists help people to get rid of substances, such as:

  • alcohol

  • opioids (heroin, hydrocodone, oxycodone, etc)

  • benzodiazepines (Klonopin, Xanax, Valium, etc)


During detox, the body gets used to new conditions. By giving up the harmful substances for some time, the patient will no longer need them.

Detox is not a therapy. However, it is the most essential part of the treatment. If this process is supervised carefully and safely, the treatment is likely to succeed. The main issue is not to be afraid.

Treatment Programs in Jefferson County, IL

As mentioned above, there are several treatments provided in the county. Most of the facilities provide inpatient and outpatient care.

Depending on the patient’s condition, the counselor offers more suitable care. Usually, clients start with residential and continue with outpatient treatment.

These methods can be short-term and long-term. Some people decide to attend classes two or three times a week. Whereas, others prefer to take classes one or two times a month.

The facilities provide family, couples, and group therapies, as well. Besides, there are other approaches such as:

  • Substance abuse counseling approach

  • Cognitive/behavioral therapy

  • Rational emotive behavioral therapy

  • Trauma-related counseling

Accepted Payment Options

Indeed, all recovery centers accept cash and self-payment. However, for people who are not able to pay by themselves, there are several programs. Medicaid, Military, and Private health insurance are the convenient ones. There are also some state-funded plans and programs that help people in need.

Forcing Teens Into Rehab

Every question becomes more painful when it comes to children. In this case, children and teenagers are considered a target group. Especially in Jefferson, where young people under 18 also consume drugs and alcohol.

Sometimes the situation gets out of control. For this reason, the government develops programs to educate teenagers. Every effort is made to keep them away from such bad habits. In addition, healing centers also provide special courses for children and teenagers. In this case, parents and legal guardians have to be cautious and follow the teen's behavior.