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Rehabs in Bureau

Rehabs in Bureau

Bureau County is situated in Illinois, US. 34,978 people live here as of the 2010 census. Princeton is the county seat. This county is famous for its natural beauty and its fauna. Yet, it also faces a lot of problems. One of them is drug abuse.

According to the statistics in 2017 between 4,280 (0.3%) and 6,848 (0.48%) teenagers aged 18 to 25, reported using heroin in the previous year. Between 14,412 (0.17%) and 19,498 (0.23%) of Illinois residents aged 26 or older reported using heroin in the past year.

Also, adolescents aged 18 to 25 (101,306, 7.1%) and adults (271,289, 3.2%) admitted abusing prescription painkillers in the previous year at far higher rates.

The good news is that there are Bureau County rehabs to help people to overcome their problems.

Substance Abuse Evaluation

Evaluation is an important step when deciding to enter rehab.

Drug users struggle both physically and mentally. So, through evaluation, the patients learn about any extra illnesses they might have.

Co-occurring disorders must be addressed and treated together with substance use disorder to provide the most effective care.

Available Treatment Options

Drug and alcohol treatment centers in this area offer services to locals in all stages of substance addiction and abuse. Therefore, those who have not yet reached a critical level of drug dependence can still receive assistance.

Addiction has an impact on a person's life at every stage. Therefore, if the person checks into drug rehab as soon as possible, less harm will be done. Because choosing to get medical assistance may be challenging, many people put it off.

Being supported by loved ones and friends is therefore essential. They ought to be aware that the issue requires immediate attention and seek a specialist’s help.

Inpatient Program

Inpatient therapy entails continuing assistance and attention from licensed medical professionals. Patients spend the whole treatment in a facility. Training in life skills, 12-step care programs, and individual and group counseling are among the services provided. Patients have access to services for entertainment and stress reduction.

This kind of therapy could last anywhere from three weeks to many months. It is, however, the quickest method of recovery.


Unlike the inpatient program, which requires you to stay at the facility, the outpatient program does not. Instead, you spend a few hours in daily therapy before returning home. This is a good choice for those with less severe addictions.

Additionally, this is an excellent choice if you want to remain close to your loved ones while recovering.

Luxury Rehabs

There are also many luxurious facilities. Patients who visit these clinics should expect special services. They ensure the privacy and comfort of their patients. They are located in natural settings, far from crowded cities, and offer a peaceful environment that is excellent for healing.

Having said that, you have to be informed that they cost much more than typical facilities. Therefore, not everyone has the means to recover in these centers.

Rehab Centers in Bureau County

We know that selecting the ideal facility might be challenging. Every facility appears to offer endless services.

They evaluate your general health through medical and clinical evaluations before beginning the healing process. The experts then create a plan that best meets your needs.

New Directions Counseling Center

In Bureau County, there is a high-end drug and alcohol treatment facility called New Directions Counseling Center.

The services it provides include:

  • Case management, Mentoring/Peer support, and Mental health services

  • Outpatient treatment (regular and intensive)

  • Treatment for non-substance use addiction disorder

  • Dual diagnosis treatment

  • Outcome follow-up after discharge

Teenagers and Abuse

Parents of teenagers must be cautious to prevent their kids from abusing drugs and alcohol. Parents must enroll their children in a treatment program, even if they are already using drugs or alcohol.

Specialized facilities are the best option for people in this age group. Parents should strive to convince their children of the importance of rehabilitation and its benefits to their lives if they are reluctant to enter rehab.

They must also ensure that they will be there at every stage of the procedure. They'll have greater confidence, and the healing process will move along more swiftly. In more extreme situations, the law allows parents and legal guardians to compel the teen to receive counseling.