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Rehabs in Jasper

Rehabs in Jasper

Jasper is a county in the State of Illinois. Its population is over 9,600. The county seat is in Newton town.

Overall, the province is very family-friendly. It is full of many attractions and experiences.

Along with the many benefits of living in this province, Jasper faces drug and alcohol abuse issues. The most commonly misused narcotics are cocaine, marijuana, heroin, etc. To cope with dependence, there are many state-assisted programs provided. This article will reveal the available types of rehab in Jasper County.

Treatment Services

Before starting a rehab program, it is important to reveal the patient’s current health condition. The kind of treatment plan is directly connected with many factors. These refer to substance abuse (SA) severity and intensity, and co-occurring diseases.

The evaluation process determines all of these aspects. The licensed professional staff of the clinic helps people pass the assessment test. It usually lasts 1-1.5 hours.

There are some required steps to reach final rehabilitation.


Detox is an integral part of healing. It assists to get a physically more stabilized condition. The procedure removes all the toxic and harmful elements from the patient's organism. Yet, there might be some withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, depression, etc. So, the applicants may avoid them by choosing a center presenting detox services.

Main Treatment Options

Overall, SA rehabilitation can be broadly divided into two methods - inpatient or outpatient. The environment and intensity of these programs are quite different. Yet, both are meant to help individuals effectively overcome addiction.

The inpatient method offers a safe environment and a facility to stay in during the whole recovery. In contrast, outpatient clinics do not require patients to stay there 24/7.

The inpatient plan is more efficient for those who have severe dependence levels or co-occurring mental and behavioral health issues. The therapies are designed for the whole family, too. This is because dependence strongly affects family affairs.

Being convenient for those who have regular studies or work, the outpatient method involves both individual and group therapies, peer support, etc. Yet, unlike the residential one, it cannot provide a permanent safe environment to prevent relapse. So, in this case, the patients must put more effort and commitment until the final rehabilitation.

The residential curing plan lasts from one to three months. After that, the individuals may choose to start aftercare. People usually continue the follow-up process in an outpatient clinic.

The Wellness Loft is a clinic treating drug and alcohol abuse issues. The contact number is (217) 686-4496.

Financial Assistance for Rehabs in Jasper County

Realizing the availability of drug and alcohol addiction is a big step to recovery. Yet, some people who want to apply for a rehab center come across financial problems. However, the reality is that all of the financial problems can be dealt with. So, it is just a matter of finding the most beneficial way that will assist to cover curing costs.

One of the most common options is insurance. Here are the applicable insurance types:

  • Private health insurance (Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, etc.)

  • Medicare

  • Medicaid

  • Military assurance (Tricare, Tricare Plus, Tricare Prime)

If a person has none of the mentioned insurance types, then it would be better to apply for sliding scale pricing. It is based on the client's personal income or the financial condition of the family.

Other variants include healthcare loans, scholarships, and grants, as well as fundraising.

Forcing Teenagers Into Rehabs in Jasper County

Dependence affects all aspects of human life. It is a big threat, especially to teenagers. So, beginning the recovery early will give them more chances to recover.

Yet, if the teen refuses to enter rehab, then parents can oblige him or her to apply for a curing plan. This is in case the teen is less than 18 years.

Otherwise, if the teenager is more than 18, then neither parents nor caregivers have permission to force them into rehab. The only way to get him to submit for healing therapies is by trying to convince them and make them know all the serious results of addiction.