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Rehabs in Lake

Rehabs in Lake

Lake County is located in Illinois state, near Lake Michigan. It is very large in its area, stretching about 1,368 square miles, and is the third in Illinois for its population (over 714,342). It is a neighbor to the state of Wisconsin. The county’s history dates back to 1839.

Besides being large, it is also the second for its wealth in the state and the 27th in the country. It is in constant growth, developing and expanding different areas and fields, such as education, healthcare, etc.

However, there are still challenges that the authorities face and try to find solutions to. One of the major issues that still seems to be a threat is drug addiction.

Statistics of Substance Abuse

In Illinois, one of the major disturbing issues remains substance abuse. During recent years there has been an increase in fatal overdose cases (almost 30% each year). Lake is one of the most inflicted places in the state. The deaths caused by drug overuse are getting more concerning. Based on the local government report, only in 2019, there were over 92 fatal cases, caused by different substance overuse (fentanyl, opiates, cocaine, heroin, etc.).

In an attempt to solve the impending problems, the local government together with Lake County rehabs is making efforts to provide the most achievable and high-quality services, directed at the elimination of the problem.

Lake County Rehab Programs

Helping residents and ensuring their well-being also means providing them with quality services in the field of healthcare. Many residents that suffer from addictions are almost unaware of the existing programs that are designed to assist in the difficult journey of recovery. One of the main aims of the local authorities is to raise awareness among the public and direct them to recovery.

Rehab programs are not much different than in any other part of the country. Specialists have developed two options (inpatient and outpatient) to meet everyone’s needs. Each of them applies to certain cases, ranging from newer and milder to more severe and long-lasting cases.

One of the best-known programs in the area is Addictions Treatment Program (ATP) - a 24/7 chemical dependency approach offering detoxification and rehab services, and aftercare.


Detox is the necessary first step in the recovery process. It is an essential stage that often ensures the success of the following steps in treatment. Detox means taking out the remnants of drugs from a person’s organism, thus preparing it for further healing. This is a serious process that requires dedication and utmost attention from the side of the professional team.

Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabs

Decisions on the type of treatment are difficult to make. Most people have no idea about the essence of the programs, so the first step will be discussing the addiction history with a specialist and determining the most sufficient treatment type.

Inpatient and outpatient cares are two various approaches. One of the few common things between them is that they both are directed at addiction treatments.

People with severe cases will need inpatient help. Inpatient (residential) care takes place in special centers under strict supervision. The duration of the process is lengthy – from a month to nine months, and sometimes even longer than a year.

Outpatient care opposes residential care in almost all aspects. It supposes only several hours of therapy daily, so people are still left with plenty of time at their disposal.

Aftercare in Lake County

Every stage in recovery stands out for its own importance. Aftercare comes last and is very important, taking into account that it concludes the healing journey and is the final touch.

Many people, tired of the long-lasting procedures, often consider skipping aftercare. Yet, it is not the wisest decision, as the lack of aftercare can often lead to relapse.

Some of the most common examples of aftercare are different psychological therapies, group and individual counseling, and special services offered by different centers.

Addiction Treatment Costs

In Lake County, residents can get partial insurance. However, insurance eligibility depends on many different factors and is not often confirmed.

Costs vary ranging from $4,000 to $20,000 for a month of treatment. Outpatient care, in comparison to residential stays, is more affordable. On the other hand, inpatient help does not only require a lot of time and dedication but also a lot of financial input.