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Rehabs in Mason

Rehabs in Mason

Mason is a county in the US state of Illinois. It has an estimated population of 13,565. The total area is 563 square miles. The largest city Havana is the seat. The county name is honored to George Mason, who has been a member of the Virginia legislation.

Yet, the county has rising statistics for substance misuse. Thus, all kinds of prescription opioids are abused in this County except opium and heroin (three out of four misuse prescription opioids).

Mitigating the situation is possible through Mason County rehabs. They are multifunctional and have many programs for various issues. They treat the body, mind, and spirit of a person as one. In other words, they treat the person thoroughly.

Substance Misuse and Recovery Stages

Generally, the recovery system consists of evaluation, diagnosis, recovery, and continuing care. So, their joint effect provides sobriety. None of them can treat the dependence alone.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Assessment

As a rule, it is impossible to start any recovery option without estimating the health problem properly. This situation is not an exception. Once an addicted person attends a rehab center, the first step must be disease evaluation.

In most cases, the process takes place between a skilled counselor and a patient except for some cases when family members are also involved. For about two hours the counselor examines the patient through screening and assessment. The process requires an individual to give detailed information on disease proofs, history, and impacts.


Detoxification comes next. It also has a very important mission. The matter is that the body of an addicted person is full of toxic substances. Hence, they may interfere with the healing process causing various withdrawal symptoms. Often, they can be very dangerous.

In a medically supervised environment, the removal of toxins from the body is safer and easier. The medics use various medications for detoxing a patient's body. Their choice is based on the misused drug type.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient rehabs are beneficial, as they provide 24/7 care. Their recovery programs are designed for the most severe cases. It is not a secret that dependence affects the normal functioning of the brain. Thus, it leads to mental health problems. So inpatient rehabs also deal with those problems and various disorders.

They have a structured schedule for each patient. These facilities also deliver a whole package of recovery. To explain, a patient will pass through assessment, detox, and treatment therapies under one roof. The least duration of recovery is 30 days except for specific cases that need more time.

Banyan Treatment Centers - Heartland is a well-known clinic in the state. It provides residential cure programs for surrounding people including Mason County residents.

Outpatient Treatment

Some strong-willed people can stop misusing any substance at the very beginning. Outpatient rehabs will provide care options for those issues. Thus, their care options are for mild cases. They do not require an individual to live at the facility.

Thus, this makes them popular among most patients who can not leave their obligations (their family and work). Between sessions, they can continue their usual lifestyle. Here also every patient receives a unique care approach.

Depending on the case severity, the number of visits per week may differ. Anyway, the usual care duration is the same, that is 30 days.

They also provide aftercare treatment programs for those who are likely to relapse after finishing inpatient cure programs.

Prices Associated With Substance Abuse Treatment

Generally, determining the payment amount requires many factors to consider. Among them are the facility type, the amenities it offers, disease level, treatment duration, and more. Thus, when a person attends a rehab center, through evaluation it becomes obvious which care option and what duration will be effective. Then it becomes possible to decide the payment amount.

Luckily, nearly all rehabs accept payment by insurance. Besides, most of them have funding from local and state grants. So, if a person has health insurance he/she will be informed how it can cover the expenses. So, no need to make the payment-related issues barriers and not attend rehab. Every person can find an affordable option fitting his/her personal needs and budget.

There are upscale clinics for those who are stable financially. Those are luxury rehabs resembling five-star hotels in their structure. They charge up to $100,000 for a monthly period in comparison with ordinary clinics which charge $3,000-$5,000 for the same period.