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Rehabs in Randolph

Rehabs in Randolph

Randolph is a county in the US state of Illinois. It has a great tourism destination with the World Shooting and Recreational Complex. The fishing is incredible and the air is pristine here.

As of the 2020 census the population is 30,163. The residents live in a total area of 597 square miles. The largest city Chester is the seat. As a part of the state with serious medical concerns, Randolph county has its healthcare problems too.

Drug and alcohol addiction has a bad effect on every sphere of life. The day-by-day rising statistics force the government to establish various facilities for helping people. Luckily, Randolph County rehabs provide effective treatment options. They are detailed below.

Substance Misuse Assessment

This is the key stage for the whole care process. In short, it provides knowledge of the disease and its manifestations. The process is not as complicated as it may seem. The stage, lasting about an hour and a half, consists of questions and answers.

To explain, a patient completes a questionnaire. Then the concealer conducts an interview based on the provided answers. At this point, the doctor also examines the gestures and behaviors of a patient.

The questions are all about the disease, its history, and the patient’s health condition. After making a diagnosis a doctor can guide a patient to the most effective treatment option for the given case.


This is the starting point towards sobriety. The main purpose of this stage is to clean the body of toxic substances. Otherwise, they will interfere with the recovery process causing various withdrawal symptoms. It is possible to have the process at home too.

Meanwhile, it is not safe as those symptoms may be very dangerous and even life-threatening. So, a patient detoxes his/her body through various medications for 1-2 weeks. In the end, he/she becomes ready physically and emotionally for the coming recovery actions.

Main Rehab Types

Generally, addictions can be of different levels. Each level demands a specific treatment option. Thus rehab centers are divided into inpatient and outpatient types. Both of them have a very important function.

Inpatient Care

As it is mentioned above, cases have different severities and demand various care programs and approaches. Residential facilities deal with the most severe cases. Very often those cases are accompanied by other mental health problems.

To reveal them, inpatient rehab centers make a dual diagnosis. Thus they provide care options 24/7. So, a patient will be under medical supervision around the clock till the end of treatment.

During a month-long process, a patient takes part in various therapies, group, and in-person sessions, and also medical educational seminars. Every person has an individualized care plan and approach.

Outpatient Recovery

In contrast to residential rehabs, outpatient facilities deal with just beginning and mild cases. Thus, they provide recovery options on a part-time basis. One does not have to live in the facility. After getting the daily therapies he/she can continue his/her usual lifestyle.

Here also the recovery approaches are unique according to a patient's personal needs. Besides, these clinics are the best choice for those who can not leave their work, home, and family.

Outpatient rehabs also provide aftercare treatment programs. This is also a very important stage, as relapsing is very likely to happen after finishing inpatient treatment options. Gateway Foundation is an outstanding facility. They provide structured and comprehensive care programs for the surrounding communities.

Treatment Costs and Payment Options

Generally, this is a worrying issue for most people who tend to start a recovery journey. It is because there is no fixed price. It is determined after deciding the rehab type, recovery duration, and many other factors. All the facilities offer various coverage options.

Among them, insurance has a leading role. It helps to cover the expenses either partially or completely. There are also other programs available. They provide financial support for those who do not have insurance. For details just contact any Randolph County rehab to learn about the available supporting programs.

Luxury Rehab Costs

These are the most expensive facilities. They offer upscale living settings and services. It may include world-class chefs, private trainers, swimming pools, and more. Luxury rehabs are the best choice for those who are financially stable.

Their out-of-care services fill a patient's day with memorable experiences and skills. Yet, they require paying up to $100,000 for a monthly period which is unreal for most people.