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Rehabs in Piatt

Rehabs in Piatt

Piatt is a county in the US state of Illinois. It was founded in 1841. The total area is 439 square miles, most of which is cropland. As of the 2020 census the population is 16,673. Monticello is the seat.

Still, the residents are struggling against the rising statistics for drug and alcohol addiction. It is a life-threatening disease that impacts all spheres of life. According to mortality data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), prescription opioids and heroin are the most misused substances in Piatt County. Moreover, heroin-related deaths began spreading nationwide around 2010.

Thus, struggling against the disease becomes easier with the help of advanced Piatt County rehabs. They provide care options for all age groups and also for men and women.

Substance Misuse and Recovery Stages

Generally, treating dependence is a long-term recovery journey. It provides several stages to be fulfilled successively. Each one has a leading role in the recovery path. Yet, none of them can provide sobriety alone.

Substance Abuse Assessment

To gain the desired result a doctor must have a deep knowledge of the disease. So, it is done through the evaluation stage. During an hour-long process, a doctor reveals multiple questions through screening, assessments, and short interviews.

In this case, the questions are on the disease level and its manifestations. A diagnosis is made based on the answers a patient will provide. So, it is very important to be sincere and provide concise answers.

Medical Detox

Detox is a very important stage here as the disease is connected with various harmful substances. Those substances may interfere with the care process. Here, the detox comes for help. It aims to clean one's body of toxins before starting any care option.

Generally, therapists use medications to fulfill the process. It lasts from one to two weeks based on a patient's personal needs. In addition, it is safer for a patient to manage those withdrawal symptoms in a medically supervised environment. Meanwhile, passing the procedures at home is also possible when the case is not very serious.

Inpatient Care

Inpatient rehabs provide care options for those having the most serious cases. They require a patient to live in the facility till the end of the recovery. Being under medical strict supervision 24/7 helps a patient benefit from recovery faster. Generally, severe cases lead to other mental health issues. Thus residential rehabs make a dual diagnosis for revealing those issues.

To explain, they treat the person’s body, mind, and spirit as one. The care plans are designed for each person separately. The usual care duration is a month except for some cases when it may last even up to a year.

Outpatient Recovery and Facilities

Here, it is important to mention that they provide the same therapies and sessions as residential facilities. Yet, they do not require a patient to live in the facility. They are free to control their daily activities between sessions.

So, they can attend their everyday therapies and then continue their usual lifestyle. 30 days is quite enough for gaining complete sobriety in most cases.

In addition, their aftercare program is beneficial for those who are likely to relapse. It takes place when a patient again faces the triggers after finishing residential treatment.

Here are some Piatt County rehabs outstanding in their structure:

The county is not limited to these three, as other clinics are also providing effective care programs.

Payment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Unfortunately, payment-related issues prevent most people from starting a journey to sobriety. The reason is their unawareness of available payment options. Thus, the clinics accept the following payment options:

  • Health insurance

  • Private cash

  • Medicare

  • Medicaid

  • State-financed health insurance

  • Federal military insurance

  • Sliding scale

Among them the most common one is insurance. However, even having insurance may not cover other out-of-pocket costs, such as co-pays, deductibles, etc. Yet, there are many programs and grants to assist people without insurance. So, the Piatt County rehabs help their patients with cost coverage by offering multiple programs.

Luxury Rehab

Once a person can afford any kind of facility based on better financial condition, it is a good idea to attend a luxury rehab. This kind of clinic is the highest quality dependence recovery option available.

It has upscale amenities with various recreational activities. Besides, it resembles a five-star hotel in its structure. So, be ready to pay up to $100,000 for a monthly stay.