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Rehabs in Edgar

Rehabs in Edgar

Edgar County in Illinois has over 17,000 population. The county’s seat is Paris. Despite being a small county, substance abuse among residents is common. That’s why a lot of rehab centers were opened in the state to fight the effects of substance abuse. Find out all the details about rehabs in Edgar County Illinois in this article.


Any type of rehab mandates undergoing an evaluation process before assigning for treatment. This can help to identify deep-rooted issues related to substance use. Generally, the process will look like this:

  • Screening questions

  • Deep evaluation

  • Treatment plan

The screening process usually includes asking common questions relevant to alcohol/drug use. However, only experts can interview patients. Experts can be:

  • Social workers

  • Therapists

  • Doctors, nurses, etc.

When evaluating a patient’s level of drug or alcohol use, they may categorize the addiction type which could fall into one of these groups:

  • Dependence

  • Social use

  • Abuse

Social use is a mild case of addiction and typically, it won’t require deep evaluation. However, in case the patient’s level of alcohol or drug use falls into abuse or dependency, a deep evaluation is assigned.

A core assessment may entail both physical and mental examination as well as a review of medical history to come up with an individual treatment plan. Experts can include the following tools to evaluate the addiction level

  • Diagnostic Interview Schedule

  • Addiction Severity Index

The first one identifies if there is an addiction case, while the other measures the severity of it.

Types of Rehabs in Edgar County, Illinois

There are many rehab centers for the residents. The centers can have various types of treatment based on the patient’s choice and needs. The following is the list of treatment options that most centers may have:

  • Inpatient

  • Outpatient

  • Detox

Each of these has a specific recovery plan for different individuals so choose wisely before picking the type. Let’s talk about each type separately, in the upcoming paragraphs.


The inpatient or residential program requires staying at the center 24/7, until the full recovery. It is especially helpful for people who have severe addiction since they are constantly surrounded by nature and a good environment. In addition to this, if a person has mental issues along with addiction, this program can be highly suitable.


If an individual needs to stay with the family while having regular sessions with experts, this program can be a good fit. Only patients with mild severity cases may choose this program. Though individuals stay at home, they still need to attend several sessions each week. For instance, in the case of a partial hospitalization program, a person needs to have 5 visits in a week, each session lasting more than 8 hours. These sessions take place in centers, clinics, hospitals, etc., depending on the patient’s decision and needs.


A detox program may be included in the individual recovery plan, if necessary. This is a medical intervention that gets rid of toxins from the body which is a result of large alcohol or drug use. Detox programs usually last weeks or months, depending on the level of toxins in the body.

Payments without Insurance

Generally, paying for rehab care is among the most challenging issues. Most rehabs in Edgar County accept insurance payments. Meanwhile, there are rehabs without insurance. Thus, the clients must be sure to select free or self-funded options. Medicaid or Medicare may alos be an option. This is the list of rehab centers that are either paid or free:

So, there are a lot of facilities in Edgar County for people who suffer from alcohol/ drug dependency or abuse. And different centers offer different recovery programs according to individual needs.